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    This Fizzy New Single From London's Redinho Will Breathe Life Into Your Week

    "Get You Off My Mind," premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed.

    Tom Calvert, aka Redinho, is a producer/singer/songwriter from London known for his future-funk beats and talkbox croon. His bombastic July single, "Playing With Fire," wasn't quite like anything else released this year.

    Redinho, who is signed to the influential electronic music label Numbers, has already amassed an impressive fan base, including the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Jessie Ware and Mark Ronson.

    Listen to his latest single, "Get You Off My Mind" featuring Brendan Reilly, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed below. The song is a groove-worthy, dance-till-the-lights-come-on anthem about a new infatuation.


    "To me the track is a summer jam, there's a cheeky kinda optimism to it," Redinho says. "Even though it's about being obsessed with someone to the point of it fucking with you, it's about enjoying the intensity of that feeling, and smiling about it to yourself. Like when you're baking in the full glare of the London sunshine - you make the most of it while you can, cos you know that feeling is rare."

    "Get You Off My Mind" is taken from Redinho's self-titled debut album, out Sept. 23 from Numbers. Listen to a full album sampler below.

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