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This 11-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Is Too Damn Talented For Words

Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock are big fans.

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But Joey isn't really like most kids his age. He's also an amazing jazz pianist.

Rebecca Meek.

Born in Bali, Indonesia, he started playing Thelonius Monk by ear when he was six.


Joey will release his debut album My Favorite Things on May 12. Making the album was his first time ever in a recording studio.

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Because being a jazz prodigy isn't easy. "I don't always want to play this tune because the chord progression is too's hard to be musical," Joey tells BuzzFeed News.

Motema Records.

"Once in a while I take the challenge. It means a lot to me if I can survive the solo and people enjoy it."

"The most fun part was when [me and my bandmates] exchanged smiles…when we connected in a groove," Joey says.

Watch the incredible full performance of "Giant Steps" below. My Favorite Things is available for pre-order here.

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