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    Premiere: Love Burns In The New Video For Cherub's "<3"

    The cheeky Nashville duo's most ambitious single yet. Don't call it a love song.

    This is Cherub, a laidback electro-pop duo that makes droll party jams with a Nashville twist.

    Members Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber met at a dorm party while going to music business school and, well, you might say they never left.

    Courtesy: Cherub.

    Their new single, "<3" (pronounced "heart"), is an anti-love song that embraces the anger and animosity of heartbreak. It's hilariously honest and unapologetic, if not exactly romantic.

    Columbia Records.

    "It's about all the anger you feel after a bitter breakup," Kelley said in an email to BuzzFeed News.

    "I don't think this is working out too well / I wish you would die and go to hell," Kelley sings. And those are just the first words.

    Columbia Records.

    The video for "<3," premiering here on BuzzFeed, is Cherub's most ambitious yet. It was shot in reverse and finds the pair in a precarious position after being driven out to the desert by a woman scorned.

    Columbia Records.

    "We shot at this crazy place in the desert called Kid City, which is an abandoned children's summer camp outside of L.A.," Kelley said. "Since the whole video was in reverse, we sang the lyrics backwards all day. It was pretty weird."

    Columbia Records.

    Watch the full, explosive new video for "<3" below. Cherub's debut album Year of the Caprese is in stores now.