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Diplo's New Twerk Video Is The Twerk Video To End All Twerk Videos

Innovation in the twerking arts.

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Here's the new video for Diplo and Alvaro's new song "6th Gear" feat. Kstylis. It stars "Russian twerk star" Fraules.

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Being a professional twerker, Fraules doesn't waste time with formalities or small talk. She just gets down to business.

Fraules / Mad Decent

If your cable went out and you called Time Warner, you wouldn't want them to talk your ear off about fucking phone service, would you? Of course not.

And she's an innovator! In 2015, it's not enough to have one white girl twerking in your video, you need a lot of white girls. Diplo and Fraules found 27 patriotic souls willing to sacrifice for the advancement of the twerking arts.