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    15 Essential Music Longreads From The New Yorker

    Lovers of great music writing rejoice.

    This week, as a part of a broad digital relaunch, the New Yorker made everything in its archives dating back to 2007 available for free online. Just like that, a trove of previously restricted articles and essays by some of the best writers in the world can be picked freely, loosed from the fortified constraints of a subscriber paywall like apples from an overturned apple cart.

    We combed through the bumper crop and pulled out 15 of the best music stories produced by the esteemed journalistic institution over the last seven years. Save, fave and peruse them now — the archival free-for-all only lasts until the fall, when a new paywall will go up.

    1. "You Belong With Me" by Lizzie Widicombe (2011)

    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    The reign of Taylor Swift.

    2. "Where's Earl?" by Kelefa Sanneh (2011)

    3. "The Doctor Is In" by John Seabrook (2013)

    Ian Gavan / Getty

    The weird and crazily lucrative world of pop music mastermind Dr. Luke.

    4. "The Song Machine" by John Seabrook (2012)

    Stephane Mahe / Reuters

    Behind the scenes with Ester Dean and Stargate, the songwriter and producers responsible for Rihanna's hits.

    5. "Harlem Chic" by Kelefa Sanneh (2013)

    Larry Busacca / Getty

    The enduring legacy of '80s hip-hop fashion innovator Dapper Dan.

    6. "Teen Titan" by Lizzie Widicombe (2012)

    7. "Let's Dance" by Sasha Frere-Jones (2010)

    Rachel Murray / Getty

    The life and times of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy.

    8. "Man of Many Hats" by Kelefa Sanneh (2010)

    Frazer Harrison / Getty

    Brad Paisley's country music contradictions.

    9. "Night Club Royale" by Josh Eels (2013)

    10. "Badass American" by Kelefa Sanneh (2012)

    Jim Young / Reuters

    The evolution of Kid Rock.

    11. "Shy and Mighty" by John Colapinto (2014)

    12. "Mastersinger" by Alex Ross (2013)

    13. "New York Is Killing Me" by Alec Wilkinson (2010)

    Anna Webber / Getty

    At home with the late, great poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron.

    14. "The Rhythm in Everything" by Burkhard Bilger (2012)

    Rick Diamond / Getty

    What Questlove means to late night television.

    15. "Revelations" by Kelefa Sanneh (2010)

    Jemal Countess / Getty

    Talking with Tonéx, the first gospel star to come out of the closet.