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15 Essential Music Longreads From The New Yorker

Lovers of great music writing rejoice.

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This week, as a part of a broad digital relaunch, the New Yorker made everything in its archives dating back to 2007 available for free online. Just like that, a trove of previously restricted articles and essays by some of the best writers in the world can be picked freely, loosed from the fortified constraints of a subscriber paywall like apples from an overturned apple cart.

We combed through the bumper crop and pulled out 15 of the best music stories produced by the esteemed journalistic institution over the last seven years. Save, fave and peruse them now — the archival free-for-all only lasts until the fall, when a new paywall will go up.

2. "Where's Earl?" by Kelefa Sanneh (2011)

Sanneh tracks down Odd Future prodigy Earl Sweatshirt, then mysteriously marooned at a teenage bootcamp in Samoa.


6. "Teen Titan" by Lizzie Widicombe (2012)

Scooter Braun, the man responsible for Justin Bieber's career, enters the spotlight.


9. "Night Club Royale" by Josh Eels (2013)

Backstage with Afrojack and Las Vegas's dance music explosion.


12. "Mastersinger" by Alex Ross (2013)

The unlikely dominance of a Kansas-bred opera singer Joyce DiDonato.