Apple Just Put U2's New Album In Your iTunes Library And Everyone Is Freaking Out

    "And YOU get U2! And YOU get U2!"

    One of the few totally unexpected moments at Apple's big iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event today came from none other than U2.

    The massively popular rock band, and longtime Apple affiliates, were expected to play the event. But they went much further than that by announcing a new album that would be available for free instantly.

    Songs of Innocence, U2's 13th album and first in five years, was automatically pushed to over 500 million iTunes accounts via the cloud. iTunes users can access the album for free just by searching their libraries.

    Then, to celebrate the release, Cook and Bono did this:

    And everyone was like...

    The album will get a more traditional release on Oct. 14. Here's the Yeezus-esque album art and tracklist.

    After finding an unpurchased new U2 album in their iTunes libraries, some people were confused.

    Did anyone else randomly get a new U2 record on their itunes?

    I don't remember downloading the new U2 album but it appears it's just appeared on my iTunes anyway. =/

    Others were a little creeped out.

    The pop nerd in me loves the over the top showbiz side of the U2 thing but the whole "oh it's in your iTunes now!" thing is creepy too..

    My 16 year old just found U2 album in her itunes library. Has a look on her face as if she has just been leered at by a 70 year old perv

    Why are U2 inflicting their new album on me by sneaking it onto my iTunes library?!

    Wow, so the new U2 just shows up in your iTunes library even if you didn't ask for it or download it yourself? Aggressive!

    But some others were like "Free U2? YAAASS."

    That's very kind. Thanks! ==> U2 Releases New Album for Free on iTunes | Variety

    Wow @U2 just released their new album. And it's free on iTunes. Am I dreaming? I've been waiting for this for five years!! #songsofinnocence

    Guess that's just how Bono rolls.