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6 Reasons Why Marvel Heroes Is 600x Better Than Before

It's just over six months since Marvel Heroes MMO ARPG went live. I've played through beta, launch, and six months later, I'm still here. Gazillion's done a ton of improvements that warrant a recap from its rocky launch, so I whipped up a couple major game changers that ex- and current players would appreciate.

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1. The starting heroes don't suck anymore.

The game launched with five free, really unpopular heroes. Gaz rightfully swapped them out for a healthy dose of A- and B-listers: Captain America, Punisher, Black Panther, Storm, Colossus, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Human Torch, Luke Cage.

Because really, everybody was getting a little sick of this.

2. No more frustrating hero token grinds.

RNG sucks. Instead of blindly upping the drop rate (which would've lead to more dupes), hero tokens were swapped out for Eternity Splinters. These babies drop every 7-8 minutes and you can trade them in for the hero you actually want to play. Score.

3. New in-game content. And it's still free.

While focused on fixing the game, they still managed to add fresh new story line content - for free. At launch we had Dr. Doom as the primary villain; 2.0 introduced Loki as the true nemesis. You'll have to beat Loki to find out who 3.0 will involve.

They've also added really fun end game content too: Midtown Madness, survival modes, PVP, plus new Legendary items and Prestiging, to start. Raids are right around the corner too.

4. Heroes are super fun to play (in some cases, INSANELY fun).

I remember when the most powerful hero in the game was Black Widow and her micro drones. Yeah, lots have changed since.

Lets just say that not only have they reviewed every hero's power, but they've re-designed their abilities up to level 52 now. The last few heroes have come out nearly spot on, too.

5. All those little tweaks and fixes sure do add up.

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They've gotten rid of rested XP and gave it a boost, medkits, particles, and consumables can be stacked, a social channel, frequent sales and giveaways.. I could go on forever, but that's what patch notes are for!

6. The devs listen. A lot.

Five minutes on the Marvel Heroes forums will tell you four things: (1) The F2P community is bright and engaging, (2) Gaz really wants your feedback, (3) They absolutely adore dropping you teasers, and (4) They actually give a shit about the game. Even if your feedback includes bringing the villains.

I'm still pretty far from encapsulating everything this dev team has done for the game in the past half year. But one thing's for certain: This is the best dev team Marvel could've ever paired up with. Thanks Gaz.

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