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12 Things Only Beauty School Students Understand

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1. Trying not to freak out when your friends say "your school is so easy, you just get to play with hair all day!"

2. Having your teacher check your work and having to do it OVER AND OVER again is the most frustrating feeling in your universe.

3. Your dominant arm is more muscly because you've developed serious "blow-drying arm."

4. You have a countless number of permanent scars from tools.

5. You never have to pay for a haircut.

6. That feeling when someone comes into the salon and requests you:

7. Constantly bribing friends in hopes that they will model for you one day.

8. Having an entire closet full of black clothes.

9. The amount of times you've yelled at your friends for using boxed hair color.

10. Starting off with long hair in the beginning of the year, and having short hair by the end.

11. When all your college friends are complaining about two-hour exams, you’re thinking about the 12 pedicures you still have to complete.

12. The moment you clock your last hour and it’s all worth it.

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