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    Posted on 30 Jan 2015

    16 Struggles Every Spoilt Brat Will Understand Perfectly

    "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" -Rahul Gandhi

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    1. When you're in public and your mom's stealing your rightfully owned spotlight.

    AFP / Getty Images / SAJJAD HUSSAIN

    2. When your mom thinks she can buy your love by promising you a country.

    AFP / Getty Images / PRAKASH SINGH

    3. When everyone in a meeting is talking about boring work shit instead of paying attention to you.

    AFP / Getty Images / PRAKASH SINGH

    4. When you're planning for important future events and your mom's killing your vibe.

    AFP / Getty Images / RAVEENDRAN

    5. When you say "I'll have the usual" and nobody knows what you mean.

    Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

    6. When you're posing for a pic and your friend's antics are going to ruin your angle.

    Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

    7. When you're trying to nurse your hangover in peace and randos won't stop asking dumb questions about the future of the world's largest democracy and blah di blah fuckin blah.

    AFP / Getty Images / DIBYANGSHU SARKAR

    8. When you asked 1.25 billion people for ONE THING and they gave it to some rando ex-chaiwala instead.

    AFP / Getty Images / AFP

    9. When your sibling suddenly starts getting attention.

    AFP / Getty Images / RAVEENDRAN

    10. When people think you have the time to answer their stupid questions.

    AFP / Getty Images / SANJAY KANOJIA

    11. When your dealer gives you some greeeattt stuff but you have to share.

    AFP / Getty Images / MANPREET ROMANA

    "Guys. GUYS. I just had an insane thought. So, like. People call us an elephant... We are not an elephant... We are a beehive... It's funny but think about it... Which is more powerful? An elephant or a beehive? Fuck this maal is amazing."

    12. When ma keeps dragging you to booooring family-and-friends gatherings.

    AFP / Getty Images / STRDEL

    13. When mom doesn't appreciate your special skills. Like, ALL you've EVER wanted is her approval.

    AFP / Getty Images / RAVEENDRAN

    14. When the team your friends root for wins a game and suddenly THEY're the men of the hour. Like you don't even exist!??!

    AFP / Getty Images / AAMIR QURESHI

    15. When people say you would be wholly and completely irrelevant if it weren't for shameless nepotism.

    AFP / Getty Images / NOAH SEELAM

    16. And when someone you allegedly screwed over goes and tells everyone what you did in great detail via a 3500-word open letter to your mom.

    AFP / Getty Images / Sanjay Kanojia

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