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This Is What Happens When You Send Yo Yo Honey Singh Lyrics To Dudes On Tinder

Sincerest apologies to all single and straight Mumbai men within a 100 mile radius of me.

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For the uninitiated and blessedly ignorant, Tinder is an app that allows you to meet single people in your area, and – if you discover any mutual attractions – engage them in riveting conversation.

Due to the combined effects of my masochism and a slow news day, I decided to create a Tinder account and troll every man who indicated any interest in me by sending them Honey Singh lyrics.


Shout-out to my coworker Nirali for being a veritable expert on Yo Yo's body of poetic work, and for agreeing to aid in this harebrained scheme.


This dude probably skipped lunch and was craving cookies and Peppy.

Via Rega Jha / BuzzFeed

But seriously, mad props for that opening line – very refreshing after the deluge of "wzup baby" and "hiee."