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In Just Two Tweets, Hrithik Roshan And Ranveer Singh Proved They're Both Lunatics

Looks like the two see...eye to eye.

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Last Monday was actor (and all-round perfect human) Ranveer Singh's birthday, and Hrithik Roshan wished him with a special dedication.

Happy happy @RanveerOfficial this especiall 4 u on ur birthday day..One day I want u to outdo this.-

The song Hrithik dedicated to Ranveer was Pakistani pop-star Taher Shah's iconic 2013 single "Eye to Eye".

Taher Shah

And he challenged Ranveer to "outdo" it.

Earlier today, Ranveer thanked Hrithik profusely and promised that a more "special thank you" was on its way.

A very, very special thank you to a very, very special man for very, very special birthday wishes ;) Watch this space! @iHrithik

Seriously. Bollywood's most beloved madman went to great lengths – hair, outfit, DANCE MOVES – to do justice to "Eye to Eye".

And we literally have no words. Never change, Ranveer.