23 Incomparable Joys Of Growing Up In Chennai

    Home is where namma Madras is.

    1. There was nothing as delightfully messy and refreshing as a drippy Softy ice-cream on Marina or Elliot's. (Most effective during Agni Nakshatram.)

    2. And nothing as awe-inspiring as standing on a rooftop with all your loved ones, watching the sky lit up for Diwali.

    3. If you were ever up early enough, you may have caught the stunning sight of fishermen working at dawn.

    4. You grew up surrounded by some of the richest and most intricate dances in the world.

    5. Chances are you probably even attempted to learn some of them.

    6. Which culminated in either performing or being invited to watch a friend perform an Arangetram.

    7. And the music scene wasn't any less impressive, regardless of whether you were into carnatic or something just a biiiit different.

    8. There's no feeling that compares to the calm chaos of evenings spent aimlessly wandering around one of the longest beaches on earth.

    9. You were casually surrounded by some of the most intricate and stunning architecture and artwork in the world.

    10. And some of the kindest, wisest people.

    11. You'll never forget the city-wide hysteria that took over whenever the men in yellow played – and won! – in M.A. Chidambaram.

    12. The only thing that got the city more excited was a Rajini release.

    13. This was your first glimpse at wildlife. #CrocodileBank4Ever

    14. And shooting at these was the most violent act you were ever taught to master.

    15. You grew up eating some of the most delicious food on the entire planet.

    16. (Especially THIS. *Mouth waters.* #PongaloPongal)

    17. And, once you were old enough, you got to drink the most painstakingly made coffee.

    18. Those relaxing weekend family trips to Mahabalipuram.

    When you invariably posed for a picture with this magically balanced rock. ^

    19. And, if you were a bit more patient for the drive, those even more relaxing weekend family trips to Pondicherry.

    20. In contrast, there was the insane bustle of navigating your way to Chennai Central.

    21. And the less thrilling but equally impossible task of finding your way around this colossal beast, the first mall you ever visited growing up.

    22. There was nothing as peaceful as the refreshing, sea-breeze-laden drive over the Adayar Bridge.

    23. And the permanent, secure knowledge that no matter how far you may go, home is where namma Chennai is.