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    Modi Went To A Museum In China, The Internet Went Berserk In India

    Can this man do anything without inspiring a thousand memes? Not if we've got anything to do with it.

    Over the last year, Narendra Modi has proved time and time again that he is, categorically, the single most meme-able human to have ever lived.

    India Times

    So obviously, as soon as photos from Modi's visit to China's Terracotta Army Museum became available, the Indian internet had a field day.


    According to the memery, Modi made some casual changes.

    Thank you, @St_Hill.

    He gave a few very stern, war-preventing orders.

    #ModiInChina #ModiAsTheDude @BollywoodGandu @SnGComedyIN

    And he meted out generous compliments.

    He wasn't spared for his swaggalicious choice (for which I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation) to wear sunglasses inside.

    Chinese Museum From the Eyes of Our PM Modi #ModiInChina

    Some justified this sartorial decision by placing him in the Matrix. Obz.

    "Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is an opinion when you are unable to....tweet?"

    One noble soul made the pun we all wanted to.

    "Bro, gimme your dealer's number" #SoStoned

    And Modi obviously serenaded some statues with Bollywood's best.

    "Kya khoob lagte ho, bade sundar dikhte ho"

    He even took their relationship to the next level.

    Overall, while our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a productive day of diplomacy, his humble subjects had an internet party with the photos.

    As always, Modi ji, thank you for being so incredibly meme-able.

    We'd be so, so bored without you.

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