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WhatsApp, Your "Call" Button Is Ruining Relationships, Please Help

This is disastrous.

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And this is honestly disastrous.

This whatsapp call thing needs to go. Can't view someone's dp without making the mistake of calling them😂😒

When you try to get a good look at someone's whatsapp dp and you accidentally call them. Oh good lord 😣🔫

When you haven't spoken to them in months but you go to pree their whatsapp pic and you end up calling by mistake 😔😭

When you're stalking someone's last seen time or dp on whatsapp but tap the call button instead..... awks!!!

That few seconds of panic when you press the call button on WhatsApp while enlarging your crush's DP.

That moment u mistakenly call someone via whatsapp while trying to view their dp 😔😩

I'll never whatsapp call you. I was just tryna peek your dp for the fourth time today but my fingers are too thick sorry


If they accidently call you in whatsapp, know that they were trying to check out your dp.

You know someone's preeing your dp when you get that "accidental" whatsapp call 😂

When they mistakenly whatsapp call you cos they were checking out your dp 😊

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