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What New Emojis Do Indians Desperately Need?

Tell us so we can make them for you. *Modi face Emoji*

There are tons of cool Emojis out there...

... And they help us express all our deepest sentiments, ranging from "eggplant" to "green heart," depending on your day.

But us Indians are emotional people...

Imaan Sheikh

... And this dude – WHO USED TO BE THE ONLY BROWN EMOJI – can't quite capture all our feelz.

And also his eyes are SO FRICKIN' CREEPY WHAT THE HELL.

So we've taken it upon ourselves to draw a whole new Emoji keyboard – one that actually fulfills OUR needs.

Nathan Pyle

Like, wouldn't it be awesome to have a rickshaw Emoji to send to your friends when you're on your way?

Wikimedia Commons / Via

Or a Manmohan Singh to send to your family WhatsApp group when you're speechless?

Getty Images

Don't you desperately need a "Sweating Profusely Because What The Hell Is This Weather" Emoji?


And, of course, we need a whole new list of food Emojis altogether.

Now, scroll down to the comments section and tell us all the famous people or foods or landmarks or animals that we should draw!

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