Here’s A Hilarious Look At What Actually Happens Inside All Indian Airplanes

“Fuck you. Fuck you, too. Fuck you very much.” H/t All India Bakchod.

1. The folks over at All India Bakchod made this video depicting what any Indian flying experience would be like, were everyone brutally honest:

2. And if you’ve ever flown on an airplane with a heavy desi population, you’ll recognize the host of characters. There’s the dude who’s never heard of personal hygiene:

3. The amazingly shameless intrusive sleeper:

4. The sleaze-ball:

5. Oh, another sleaze-ball:

6. Just a TON of sleaze-balls, in general:

7. The baby who has chosen this moment to shriek bloody murder about all his grievances:

8. The uncles who will shout past any hurdle to carry on their stock market small-talk:

9. And the disgruntled failed-model air hostess, just to name a few:

10. Watch the LOL-worthy madness in full here:

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