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    We Tried On "Dhoti Dungarees" (Yes, That's A Thing) And They're Whackily Cool

    The PERFECT outfit... In theory.

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    Everyone loves dhotis. Everyone loves dungarees. Now, thanks to Chennai fashion house Brass Tacks, you can wear both at once. Presenting: dhoti dungarees.

    Brass Tacks

    They cost ₹6,000 and this ^ is how they look on a model.

    And this is us – five totally regular women. We're all stoked about dhoti dungarees as a concept and about to find out how they look IRL.

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    Mihika: When I saw these, I didn't expect them to look good on anyone. I'm tall-ish and thin, but I didn't think they'd look good on me either. I love dressing up occasionally, but am very indecisive – I'd take 3 days to decide what to wear with something like these dhoti dungarees.

    Srishti: Typically, I wear a lot of skirts, fit and flare dresses, palazzo pants, basically all kinds of loosely-fitted clothes. In theory, the dhoti dungarees are right up my alley. But when I saw them, I knew that I'd never wear this piece of clothing IRL. I am short and not slight, so I know overalls don't look the best on my body.

    Rega: This is a great outfit in theory. It's super cool (like cool), it's airy which is a high priority in this billion-degree Bombay heat, and it allows one to go in public sans real pants which is always a huge plus.

    Sonia: When I heard of the concept, it reminded me of a trend that was popular in college — to wear t-shirts with harem pants. I also have an irrational fear of dungarees because of the peeing situation and also because I have wide hips and they almost never fit well. So, yeah. I was skeptical about this being something for someone who fluctuates between a size 16-18.

    Akshita: I'm skinny and tiny, so when I saw the dungarees, I doubted my ability to carry the outfit. Dungarees look cute on everyone but I was unsure about the dhoti part.


    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed India

    "I didn't like them the first time I saw them and I didn't feel attractive after wearing them either. The idea is OK, I guess, but doesn't really appeal to me. The legs were a little short from the bottom. Most of my clothes are plain with no prints or patterns, so this felt too bold for me and made me very conscious. I wouldn't know where to wear this – maybe to a fashion show (since that's where people wear clothes I don't understand, and maybe this is fashionable?)."


    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed

    "Once I put them on I felt (and looked) like Jasmine... If Jasmine stopped working out and became all about that sedentary life. Even though the dungarees come with adjustable suspenders, it wasn't of much help. My boobs took turns popping out from the sides. I didn't feel attractive wearing it, it made me look broader than I actually am. AND it isn't the most comfortable thing to wear in this heat, which annoyed me. I wish the top half of the overalls fitted as well as the bottom. I'm not a drop-crotch fan but the lower half of these dungarees fit really well."


    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed India

    "I'm into these. Yeah, they're weird and nothing like anything I own, and they aren't really hyper-flattering on anyone. BUT they're pretty frickin' cool. I wore them with a sari blouse which ended up having a whole slew of benefits: No bra! Sexy sliver of side-midriff! And just less overall fabric on my body! (Which is the only criteria that determines my summer dressing.) TL;DR – this isn't the most flattering thing I've ever put on my body, but I totally wouldn't be opposed to putting it on my body again."


    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed India

    "This made me feel really cool. I paired it with a really colourful necklace and I felt like a cool person for 5 minutes. Well, at least on the side that it fit me. It was super comfortable, BUT I totally dealt with the classic dungaree issue of not being able to squeeze myself in fully. If this were ONE size larger, I would've worn it everyday. I love the onesie feel. I REALLY wish I had something like this in my size."


    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed India

    "COMFORTABLE IS THE WORD. I felt really comfy in these. Dhoti > jeans ANY DAY. I'd love to wear this in real life, especially in Mumbai because it's the airiest and most comfortable outfit ever. (Also, I'm keen on seeing aunties' reactions on the Mumbai local.) BUT THE STRAPS OMG. It took me 30 minutes to adjust the straps according to my size."

    Mihika: I would buy these if they had a less bold pattern. But probably wouldn't pay ₹6,000 for them. I'd happily pay ₹2,000.

    Srishti: I honestly thought these were for like 800 bucks. I would rather take my ₹6,000 to Zara and buy a whole mess of shit.

    Rega: I am ALL FOR fashion experimentation, so I'd be really into owning these – if I could shell out ₹6,000 for one outfit, I'd do it for this one. I routinely wear outfits I'm told are "unflattering" on "healthy girls" – crop tops, shorts, shift dresses – because they're fun and comfortable. This is no different.

    Sonia: I wish these came in larger sizes, and with different colours and patterns. I wouldn't pay ₹6,000 for this, but I might pay anywhere between 1,500-2,500. It looks like something that'll last and could be paired with a bunch of really simple things found in your wardrobe.

    Akshita: I would pay ₹6,000 for this. The material used is REALLY nice, the outfit is awesome, and it's perfect for Mumbai summers.

    Now you know!

    Sumedh Natu / BuzzFeed

    More info on the Brass Tacks website here.

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