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    Watch This Bollywood Actor Hilariously Answer Ignorant Questions About Homosexuality

    "Why do these gay people choose to be gay? Why can't they, like... un-gay?"

    Earlier this month, India's Supreme Court criminalized sodomy in India. This was a major setback for India's LGBT movement.

    Outraged responses came in the form of protests in India as well as abroad.

    Online, thousands of individuals showed their support for India's LGBT community, as did brands and celebrities.

    Most recently, All India Bakchod, an Indian comedy podcast, released a video in which Bollywood star Imran Khan responds to common Indian misconceptions about gay people with scathingly satirical answers.


    All India Bakchod has a history of addressing Indian social issues with satire. In September of this year, they tackled the issue of victim-blaming in rape cases.

    This video addresses serious issues surrounding homosexuality, including stereotypes about AIDS and the notion of being an ally.

    Watch the full video here:

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