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Watch John Oliver Call Out All Of Western Media For Ignoring The Largest Elections Ever

"The last time you heard a rags-to-riches story about a tea-selling Indian kid, you threw a fucking Oscar at it."

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Oliver hinted to HitFix in an interview last week that this, and other international stories, would be a focus of the show.

"If something happens at the start of the week and it's been picked apart then I think we'll be gravitating away from that story and doing something else. Generally we might look internationally to stories. We very nearly did a big section on the Indian election this week that was the biggest exercise in democracy in human history. It's a big deal, but not so big of a deal that you could tell from any coverage whatsoever over here... It's hard to overstate. More people are going to vote than voted in the last six U.S. elections combined, and yet there's something about that tantalizing pinging plane that is pertinent to lazy journalism."

Watch the hilarious, informative, and completely spot-on segment in full here:

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