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11 Times Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Gave Us #RelationshipGoals

Anushka's face is the entire nation's face when Virat's wicket drops.

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2. And every time he's in front of a movie screen, "blown away" by his favourite actress.

Just watched #NH10 and i am blown away. What a brilliant film and specially an outstanding performance by my love @AnushkaSharma. SO PROUD:)

@imVkohli Thank You . SO happy ☺️

3. (Seriously – he drags his bros to watch Anushka's movies with him. NOTHING IS CUTER.)

Saw PK with the whole team yesterday and loved the movie. What a spiritually enlightening film. Great great work by everyone :)


4. When their worlds collide* and they prove that they will always be completely enamoured by one another.

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*For instance, when Virat sat in the stands for once and watched Anushka slayyy at the IPL opening ceremony.

7. When they act like adorable crazed teenage lovebirds who need to spend every possible moment together.

(Even when it kinda gets them in trouble.)


8. And Anushka's face – which is also the entire nation's face – when Virat's wicket drops.

9. When they match, down to their expressions.