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17 Types Of Friends You Have On Snapchat

You can slot all of your friends into these categories, but most importantly, which one are you?

1. The crazy snap-cat lady.

"This is my cat sleeping. This is my cat eating. This is my cat looking out a window. This is my cat giving you advice on your educational choices."

2. The flawless selfie sender.

"You don't look like a supermodel at every waking moment? Tough life!"

3. The punmaster.

Sometimes you just wanna give this person a slapchat.

4. The drunk snapper.

This friend remembers the existence of Snapchat approximately four drinks in, at which point they're sending you things that you're glad only last 10 seconds.

5. The play-by-play snapper.

"Waking up! Going to shower! Brushing my teeth! Morning coffee! Walking to work! Bored at work! Still bored at work! Still bored at work! Lunch! Afternoon coffee!" HOW ABOUT SOME AFTERNOON SHUT THE FUCK UP.

6. The most malleable face contest winner.

Twitter: @Snapchatter

This friend's face can do things that human faces should not be able to do.

7. The snap artist.

It would be a waste not to screenshot these masterpieces.

8. The motivational snapper.

Twitter: @jkim_possible


9. The serial screenshotter.

Rega Jha


10. The foodie.

Twitter: @rickypeee

"Look at my breakfast! Look at my lunch! Look at my dinner! Look at my midnight snack!"

11. The Snapchatter who literally never makes any sense.

"I generally take pictures of my face and put random words on them and hope for the best! OK bye!"

12. The toilet snapper.

Twitter: @Snapchatter

"Poopin' and poutin'! #multitasker"

13. The jet-settin' snapper.

Via Twitter: @rllyvictoria

"I'm always on vacation! This is me at Times Square! Now in Hawaii! Now on Mt. Kilimanjaro! LOL HOW'S THAT DESK JOB???"

14. The health snapper.

"I send you 10 seconds of guilt at 7 p.m. everyday. K gtg lift see ya. Enjoy those Cheetos."

15. The TMI snapper.

Twitter: @LisaHibbitt

"Look at this pimple, guys! OMG diarrhea!"

16. The couple.

Twitter: @FunnySnapchats

"We're sooooo cute look here we are waking up together lol sorry you're single!"

17. The film major.

"Just made a quick 10-second video of some lights n shit. #existentialism"

...And then there's you.