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29 Truths About Growing Up In Multiple Cities

"Where are you from?" Weeeell, do you want the short answer or the long one?

1. These are the three most difficult questions anyone can possibly ask you.

2. All your stories about your childhood start with "When I lived in..."

3. You have irrational attachments to random numbers because your life is cataloged by postcodes.

4. When Facebook asked you to list a "hometown," you had a panic attack.

5. You don't get it when people speak fondly of their childhood bedrooms, because you had too many.

6. You have several close friends, because every new city requires a new crew.

7. The downside is that a significant number of people you care about are always too far away.

8. Your speech incorporates slang from all over the place.

9. And your accent fluctuates daily.

10. So every new acquaintance's favorite game is trying to guess where you're from.

11. You constantly crave foods that aren't available in your current city.

12. You either have a physical version of this, or you can easily envision one in your head.

13. You get incredibly excited when you meet someone else who has moved around a lot.

14. Especially if they've been to one of the smaller, more obscure places you've lived.

15. Packing quickly and efficiently is your superpower.

16. You've taken whole vacations funded entirely by frequent-flier miles.

17. You have equally strong allegiances to multiple sports teams, which can be extremely confusing.

18. You were the last of your friends to get a driver's license, because you were never any one place long enough to do it.

19. You're a weary veteran of the long-distance relationship.

20. You have yearbooks from six different schools.

21. You have unreasonably strong opinions about different airlines.

22. And you have a mental ranking of the best and worst airports.

23. You get restless if you're ever in the same city for too long.

24. You're pretty much immune to culture shock.

25. And, at this point, you're pretty great at making new friends.

26. This is your official theme song.

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27. People have tried to give you several labels, but nothing quiiite captures your experience.

28. But, although it was tough at times, you're glad to have so many different experiences under your belt.

29. Because, at the end of the day, you'll always have the best stories to tell.