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    Posted on 29 Dec 2015

    I Can't Stop Laughing At This Tweet About Kajol, Come Laugh With Me

    I fixed it, you guys.

    Hello. Look at this tweet.

    Since it is nonsense, I'm going to edit it for accuracy. First things first, her husband is not Shah Rukh Khan.

    Secondly, Kajol never said this in earnest. She said it in a ~scripted~ comedy video by TVF:

    OK fixed:

    Taking a closer look at the video, we see that she's overheard on the phone with someone who's never identified by name, telling this person that his bum is so cute she'd like to bite it.


    In fact, even focussing on this one quote seems misguided seeing as the only allusion to bum-biting in the entire 540-word article is underlined here:

    In describing a play-by-play of the video, dna writes: "What follows is a giggly conversation between Kajol and Ajay Devgn as SRK squirms, with Kajol confessing she wants to... errr... bite her husband's bum because it's so cute"."

    (I blurred the rest of the article because I don't want to steal dna's pageviews. You can read it in full here.)

    And here's what we're left with.


    We're not even the first to have done a double-take at this incredible tweet.

    Go home news, you're drunk

    Watch TVF's video here.


    dna seems to have deleted their tweet after a lot of people pointed out that it was more or less nonsense.

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