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    44 Ways To Make The Most Of Your College Experience

    Regardless of what your advisor says, these are the requirements that matter.

    1. Befriend the dining hall staff.

    They have the best stories, and the free food definitely doesn't hurt.

    2. Do an off-campus internship.

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    No better way to learn about the "real world" than to visit it once in a while.

    3. Take a class that has nothing to do with your major.

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    Really milk that "pass/fail" policy for all it's worth.

    4. Burst into your school's fight song at a campus bar. Observe as the entire bar sings along.

    Putting the "spirit" in school spirit, amirite?

    5. At some point, have a friend with benefits.

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    6. Sneak onto the highest roof on campus.

    7. Offer free hugs in the middle of your quad.

    8. Befriend a professor, i.e. hang out with them outside of class and office hours.

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    Their wisdom and experiences make for great conversations and you'll learn more from them outside of class than in it.

    9. Play beer pong in a frat house.

    10. Do this:

    11. Pull an all-nighter for non-academic reasons.

    12. Get all decked out in your school colors and go to homecoming.

    13. Pay no attention to the actual game because you're exhausted from waking up at the crack of dawn to pre-game and tailgate.

    14. Start a paper/problem set the night before it's due. Hand it in on time.

    15. Instagram the view of the sunrise from the library when you're done.

    16. Set aside a Saturday to darty* with your friends, for no reason.

    *Day party.

    17. Study abroad.

    And, if you can't, just travel for the hell of it.

    18. Befriend someone who makes you question all your assumptions about everything.

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    19. Go to at least one campus a cappella concert, one college improv show, and one major student-run theater production.

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    It's like happiness for free.

    20. Attend a student protest or demonstration.

    21. Go on a blind date with someone you met on DateMySchool.

    22. Go to an open mic. Get inspired and perform something.

    23. Cram 50 people in your tiny dorm room for a surprise birthday party.

    24. Get a picture with your school mascot.

    25. Get written up.

    26. Sit through an entire lecture class with sunglasses on because your hangover requires it.

    27. Spend all your money to go on a spring break trip that you will literally never forget.

    28. And then spend the rest of the semester broke as a result. You'll get really good at making Ramen.

    29. Take a creative writing class.

    30. Do a cross-campus walk of shame but have no shame whatsoever.

    31. Stay friends with at least one person you met during orientation.

    32. Go to as many cultural/religious groups' events as possible.

    Free food and free open-mindedness! What's not to love?

    33. Take a campus tour of your own campus.

    If you walk the footsteps of a prospective student, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew.

    34. Date someone drastically different from you in every possible way.

    35. Spend at least one Thanksgiving with your friends.

    36. Take one class for which you actually do all of the reading.

    37. Take one class for which you literally do none.

    38. Spend one summer/winter break on campus. Appreciate what it looks like abandoned.

    39. Force yourself to think critically about race, religion, money, family, and sex for the first time.

    40. Learn a foreign language.

    41. Learn your alcohol limits by trial and error.

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    42. Change your major at least once.

    43. Make friends you know you will have forever.

    44. And, once you've met all of those requirements, go ahead and graduate.

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