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21 Things That New Yorkers Waited For In 2013

Aside from the L train.

1. We woke up at the crack of dawn and we waited for cronuts.

2. We called in sick to work and we waited in line for the Rain Room.

3. We made the trek to Smorgasburg and waited in a long line of hipsters for ramen burgers.

Ramen Burger / Via

4. We waited proudly and nervously for the verdict on Prop 8 and DOMA.

5. We waited, trying not to laugh, for the next time Anthony Weiner would put his foot in his mouth.

6. And then we waited nervously for the results of the mayoral elections.

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

7. We waited with our camera phones ready to see Banksy's controversial truck drive by.

8. And then we waited sneakily to catch another cheap Banksy surprise street sale.

View this video on YouTube

9. We waited on hold with a billion Time Warner employees to get our WiFi working.

10. We waited, half in tears, for someone to say that the 5 Pointz demolition was an elaborate hoax.

Via Twitter: @mbaram

(Still waiting, btw.)

11. Speaking of art, we dressed fly all year, waiting for the day we'd be photographed by HONY.

12. We waited for our friends to get Citi Bike subscriptions and tell us if it's a worthy investment.

13. The Insta-addicts amongst us waited SIX HOURS outside this Chelsea gallery to take "the trendiest selfie in town."

More here.

14. We waited ecstatically as, one by one, every business that was hit by Sandy reopened its doors.

15. We waited to see what having WiFi on the subway would actually be like.

(And we still haven't decided.)

16. We waited proudly for One World Trade Center* to be done being built! SO CLOSE!

Dan Milano / Via

*And we waited to get used to not referring to it as "Freedom Tower." Still waiting on both of these.

17. We waited with our hearts full of hope (and our wallets full of despair) for the iPhone 5S.

18. Speaking of iPhones, we waited through rain and shine and snow and storms, for our Ubers to arrive.


19. We waited a couple of seconds for the lights to change before we decided to give up and just jaywalk again.

20. As we do every year, we waited for the summer to end because it was too hot. Then we waited for the winter to end because it's too damn cold.

21. And, through it all, we waited patiently for those brief moments of solidarity that make us realize: Yup. We definitely live in the greatest city in the world.

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