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26 Things People With Curly Hair Are Tired Of Hearing

"What do you mean you don't own a hairbrush?"

1. "How do you get it to look like that?"

2. "Can I touch it? Can I play with it?"

3. When they insist on touching it anyway: "Omg, wait, there's stuff in here."

4. "Do you ever think about straightening it?"

5. "Whoa, you look SO good with it straightened!"

6. "I love how it springs back up when I pull it. I could do this forever."

7. "Ugh, I wish I had interesting hair."

8. "So do you have to curl it every morning?"

9. "I have a great salon I can recommend."

10. "What do you mean you don't own a hairbrush?"

11. "So then how do you brush your hair?"

12. "You're so lucky. It's like having a natural perm."

13. When anyone comes over: "Damn, why do you need SO many hair products."

14. "Why do you need so long to get ready?"

15. "Don't be a baby, it's just a little drizzle, you'll be fine."

16. "How come it looks different from like...TV curly hair?"

17. "Yeah, my hair is super frizzy too."

18. "Really, I totally get it."

19. "Loving the retro look."

20. "You have SO. MUCH. HAIR."

21. "So how long does it take you to straighten it?"

22. Roommates/significant others: "I literally find your hair everywhere."

23. Old-fashioned extended family: "Why do you insist on wearing it crazy like that?"

24. "You should try this amazing conditioner I found. I swear it works."

25. "I don't get it. Why don't you just comb it straight?"

26. "If it's that bad, why not permanently straighten it?"