33 Things Your Parents Will Literally Never Understand

    Mind the generation gap.

    1. Social media privacy settings.

    2. Your unique system of organization.

    3. Modern-day abbreviations.

    4. Contemporary celebrities.

    5. How to use the phrase "hook up."

    6. Hashtags and Twitter.

    7. Crop tops.

    8. Speaking of fashion, why you spend lots of money to buy jeans that look very old.

    9. Your intense dislike for voicemails.

    10. Really, your aversion to phone calls of any variety.

    11. Why you can't stop bingeing on Netflix.

    12. Hipsterdom.

    13. How to work the DVD player.

    14. GIF culture.

    15. Twerking.

    16. Why one day every week is devoted to voluntarily reviving photos from more awkward times.

    17. Urban Outfitters.

    18. Your new TV obsession.

    19. Your acceptance of (and mild dependence on) energy drinks.

    20. Your constantly fluctuating and increasingly late bedtime.

    21. Snapchat.

    22. Or, more generally, why your generation communicates primarily using selfies.

    23. How to tell celebrities apart.

    24. The concept of sexting.

    25. The ombré hair trend.

    26. Why there is an entire genre of music seemingly devoted to yelling about how rich one is...

    27. And why you love said genre so much.

    28. Your compulsion to share every meal with your friends via Instagram, and vice versa.

    29. These nonsense words that are used as nouns, verbs, and adjectives, sometimes all at once.

    30. Why you spend so much of your time on these fruitless missions.

    31. Why you or some of your friends are missing large asymmetrical chunks of hair.

    32. Who these people are:

    Or these:

    33. And how on earth the internet consumes 90% of your waking hours.