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    55 Episodes That Would Exist If "Friends" Took Place In India

    The One With The WhatsApp group.

    BuzzFeed India / NBC

    1. The one where Rachel's mom called her seven hundred times in one night.

    2. The one where Ross and Rachel got forcibly married by the MNS.

    3. The one where Joey and Chandler didn't find an apartment because they're two non-vegetarian bachelors.

    4. The one where Phoebe and Ursula get split up at a Kumbh Mela.

    5. The one where Monica has a feud with Tarla Dalal.

    6. The one where Joey gets his big break on Balika Vadhu.

    7. The one where they find Joey's Ichiban – Bindis For Men ad tape.

    8. The one with Joey's matches.

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    9. The one where Ross gets over-tanned just from stepping outside for two minutes.

    10. The one where Chandler tries stand-up comedy.

    11. The one where Chandler gets six FIRs filed against him for making jokes.

    12. The one where Chandler has to issue an apology for his jokes.

    13. The one where Rakhi Sawant says Chandler is her best friend.

    14. The one in which Rachel joins the Aam Aadmi Party because mufflers are trendy.

    15. The one where Pritam rips off "Smelly Cat."

    16. The one where Joey gets cast in MSG.

    17. The one where Joey tries to legally change his name to Joey Tribbiani Insaan.

    18. The one where Phoebe thinks her cat is possessed by Jaya Bachchan.

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    19. The one where Chandler tells Janice he's moving to 15 Kerala Road, Kerala.

    20. The one where Monica cornrows her hair for a vacation to Goa.

    21. The one where Ross accidentally says "talaaq, talaaq, talaaq."

    22. The where Monica has a crush on Modi because he's so swachh.

    23. The one where Rachel gets on the plane because Ross couldn't convince an autowala to go to the airport.

    24. The one where Ross manages to stop her anyway because it was Air India and therefore delayed by thirty hours.

    25. The one where everyone goes to NH7 Weekender.

    26. The one where Gunther quits to work at CCD.

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    27. The one where Ross is laid off because the RSS has taken over all scientific institutions.

    28. The one where Flipkart accidentally delivers a bar of soap to Chandler & Joey instead of the XBOX they ordered.

    29. The one where Ross puts the sindoor on Rachel by mistake.

    30. The one where Phoebe trends on Twitter for saying Pakistanis are hotter than Indians.

    31. The one where Monica becomes the head chef of Shiv Sagar.

    32. The one where Monica gets fired from Shiv Sagar for making Beef Bhaji.

    33. The one where you actually can't quite tell what's happening because the word "beef" is censored throughout the episode.

    34. The one where Rachel hooks up with Virat Kohli.

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    35. The one where Rachel makes half a palak paneer and half a kheer.

    36. The one where they reminisce about all their past diwalis.

    37. The one where Ugly Naked Guy gets arrested for public immodesty.

    38. The one where they know that we know that they know that we know but most importantly, every aunty in a ten mile radius knows.

    39. The one where Ross scores Malana cream.

    40. The one where Chandler and Monica pretend not to live together because her parents are visiting.

    41. The one where Aamir Khan finds "Days Of Our Lives" deeply disturbing and violent even though he's never watched an episode.

    42. The one with Ross' destination wedding in Phuket.

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    43. The one where Monica fires her bai for not cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

    44. The one where Joey eats an entire jar of ghee.

    45. The one where Carol and Susan are arrested under Section 377.

    46. The one where Ross and Monica take their routine to Nach Baliye.

    47. The one where their routine is actually just the one step from Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.

    48. The one where a video of their routine goes viral on Scoop Whoop.

    49. The one where Rachel runs into Manish Malhotra in the elevator at work.

    50. The one where Miss Malini exposes Joey's relationship with Rachel.

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    51. The one where Rachel sticks around and marries Barry because log kya kahenge.

    52. The one where Ross never gets a divorce because log kya kahenge.

    53. The one where Joey does engineering instead of acting because log kya kahenge.

    54. The one where Monica goes into law instead of cooking because log kya kahenge.

    55. The one where three men and three women don't hang out lukha at a coffee shop all day everyday because log kya kahenge.

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