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    This Is The Perfect Song To Send To Your Best Friend To Make Their Day

    And there's a reason it may sound really, really familiar.

    So, if you've watched Indian TV in the last few years, you probably remember these adooorable Vodafone ads:

    They followed two school girls doing simple acts of kindness for one another, like best friends do:

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    And if you watched those commercials then, like most people, you probably came away with some very pressing questions: WHAT SONG IS THIS. WHERE CAN I FIND IT.

    Well, the wait is over. Noticing the amount of positive feedback the song was getting, composer Mikey McCleary decided to release it in full:

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    Over the years, Mikey has composed memorable jingles for a lot of other brands – including Coca Cola and Levis – and he's converted several of them into full length songs on his album TV Dinners.

    This particularly feel-good track, titled "The Little Things You Do," is sung by Anushka Manchanda.

    And the video features them both frolicking and generally being super adorable on a beach in Goa:

    Go ahead and send it to someone who goes out of their way to be good to you – you know it'll make their day :)

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