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The 17 Most Inexplicable Comments On Beyoncé's Instagram Of Blue Ivy’s Toe

Such as, "ouuuuh shet sending9m ago giving 20'000 like and what is this foot."

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2. "You know me too well, get the peanut butter."

4. "Please don't ever do this again."

5. "I bet you wish you could be that toe"

6. "Keep winning hunni bunni"

7. "Those feet walk in shoes worth more than your house."

8. "Your fatass face shut up"

9. "Drink lots of water and keep it elevated homie"

10. "Argafeadfeafhdhgdj hgjlfdgadgafdafh"

12. "Lmfao her baby toe looks like Jay Z lips"

13. "My nightmare, nightmare, nightmare..."

16. "My daughter has the exact same toes."

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