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Watch Alia Bhatt's Hilarious, Perfect Response To Jokes About Her Intelligence

Required viewing for anyone who's ever made an "Alia Bhatt's so dumb" joke. Oh, and of course All India Bakchod are the masterminds behind this.

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In December 2013, Alia Bhatt was asked by Karan Johar (on talk show Koffee With Karan) to name the president of India... And she answered incorrectly:

Earlier this year, she reportedly commented on the incident and its consequences, saying she was unaffected by the jokes:

"I don't get upset at it, I laugh at it. I am the first person to laugh at myself. I always say that I rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent... Basically there are these Twitter and Facebook jokes on me, because I am apparently stupid. They are very hilarious."


As if that wasn't a perfect enough response, Bhatt just starred as herself in a hilarious mockumentary recounting her fictional attempts to become more intelligent in the days following the incident.

Watch the brilliance in full here:

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All India Bakchod's Rohan Joshi talked to BuzzFeed about the experience of working with Alia Bhatt and the rest of the video's star-studded cast:

When all those Alia jokes started after her Koffee With Karan GK Quiz fiasco, Alia herself was really chilled about it. The awesome thing about her is that in general she's really sporting about how she's perceived. She doesn't take her public image too seriously and wears it really well. Also, by dumb coincidence, she's naturally funny as fuck. When we pitched the idea to her, she committed to the comedy of it, good and proper. Her comic timing is great, she makes ridiculous faces, and there were times when she was like, 'This isn't mean enough!'

What was really awesome for us was how easily she and everyone else agreed; Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, everyone just heard us out once and said, "Yeah, OK." That's exciting as hell for us because if more people from Bollywood open themselves up to self-parody so easily, everyone's going to be able to have SO MUCH FUN with that on the internet.