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29 Struggles That Only People With Big Butts Will Understand

I like big butts and I cannot find pants that fit right.

1. Dresses that fit on your top half feel completely insubstantial from the waist down. Normal length on model = micro mini on you.

2. And pants that correctly fit your waist, hips, AND legs are a myth. Choose any two and buy a belt.

3. You've spent several hours of your life in fitting rooms stuck in pants that won't go up past your thighs.

4. And when you do happen to find those perfect jeans, don't get too attached. They'll be gone reeeeal soon.

5. So this concept – no matter how absurd – is actually very, very appealing to you.

6. You spent all of high school and college leaking out of these awful chairs.

7. You're always at risk of knocking things over without realizing it, for no fault of your own.

8. People recognize you just as well from behind as they do from looking at your face.

9. Your leggings are fine on your legs and completely see-through from stretching over your butt.

10. Walking up stairs with someone directly behind you makes you profoundly uncomfortable.

11. You can't wear short shorts because your magnificent backside insists on peeking out of them.

And if they do hold in your booty, they have no interest in holding your waist.

12. For pets and BFFs, your butt is the best pillow available.

13. And sometimes it doubles as a table as well.

14. Having your friends compare your posterior to stars/planets/galaxies/wonders of the world is standard fair.

15. You've heard this song sung to you more than you've heard your own name.

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16. Your underwear, no matter how low and how subtle, pretty much always makes an appearance.

17. Group photos with your flat-assed friends always have one uncontested center of attention.

18. And these cutesy couple photos end up highlighting the wrong couple altogether.

19. Even if the rest of you is teeny tiny, sharing chairs with another person is out of the question.

20. Catcallers, who are universally disgusting and loathed, save their worst behavior for you.

21. You can only go so far when you try to squeeze through a narrow gap or go under your bed.

22. A skirt or dress that's the appropriate length in front is all sorts of revealing in back.

23. If you decide to lean against a pole on public transportation, everyone's commute gets a bit more awkward.

24. Sitting = risking getting stuck in that chair forever.

25. And biking = the painful revelation that bicycle seat makers never have and never will understand your needs.

26. Two-piece swimsuits where you can't mix and match different size tops and bottoms? Haha, no thanks.

27. Printed or brightly colored pants are off-limits unless you're ready for a steady stream of "compliments" all day.

28. Between all its calls and texts, your butt has a more active social life than you do.

29. And, worst of all, if you ever try to complain, you're reminded that a lot of people would love to have the assets that you were born with.

So, hey. You may as well work it.