28 Struggles Only Hijabis Will Understand

“Do you shower in it?” SERIOUSLY?

1. Those really unique and permanent tan lines.

2. This perfect way to ruin your whole entire day:

3. When you laugh really hard and nervously start to feel it unravel…

4. Or when the wind picks up and so does your heart rate.

5. When you find the perfect skirt or top, but it has random see-through parts FOR NO REASON.


6. When you eat a fantastic meal and realize you accidentally saved some for later.

If I fall for you will you catch me like my hijab catches my food?

— Malo (@hoodjab_)

Getting food on your hijab has to be the most embarrassing thing

— oy (@dat_brownladki)

i hate when i'm eating in public and a piece of my food falls and i can't find it, but later on, i notice it was stuck on my hijab lol AWKS

— هالة (@HalaTwani)

7. Pins. Everything about pins. From finding them…

8. To storing them…

9. Being unexpectedly stabbed by them…

10. And getting them to behave, in general.


11. When other people complain about it being too hot and you’re like:

12. When anything Islam-related happens in class and everyone immediately turns to stare at you.

13. Baby hairs. Why do they exist? What purpose do they serve except to make you miserable?

My baby hairs are forever trying to escape my hijab

— M. (@TheDesertRose_)

No mattterr how many times you do your hijab AND wear an underpiece... Baby hairs always triumph #hijabigirlproblems

— A. (@boomshakaalakaa)

Chicks that keep telling my my hair is sticking out of my hijab, like no can't you see I have baby hairs. I can't control them #MuslimRage

— MARYAM مريم (@maryaml0l)

14. When you look in a mirror after a long time and realize your hijab is all sorts of messed up.

15. And you start doubting all the friends who saw you and didn’t tell you how bad it looked.

16. You may not have bad hair days, but you definitely have bad hijab days. And those are harder to hide.

17. Having unexpected visitors and flying into an instant panic to improvise a hijab.

18. Taking it off in front of a friend and dealing with their reaction to your hair.

19. When Halloween rolls around and you have to get pretty creative to incorporate it into your costume.

20. Sports. Running. Jumping. All of it.

21. Having so many scarves that you’re running out of places to store them…

22. And yet struggling to pick the right one for every single outfit you ever put on.

23. Dealing with stupid people and their stupid questions. “Do you sleep in it?”

Do YOU sleep in your entire outfit all the time?

24. “Do you shower in it?”

25. And this gem:

26. “Do you have Voldemort hidden in the back of your head?”

Warner Bros. / Via mtv.com


27. And worst of all: Being told you’re oppressed…

28. When, in reality, all you are is super duper fly.

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