18 Struggles Every Football Fan In India Is Going Through Right Now

GOOOOOOOOOAAAL! *Falls asleep*

1. When everyone else’s day has completely ended, the most exciting part of yours is just about to begin.

2. Which means (save for maaaaybe 1 die-hard football fan friend) you’re watching the games all on your own.

3. And every bar in town is closed (because it’s 4 a.m.) so no cool ambience for you. Just your living room couch.

4. You can’t yell in excitement or anger every time something insane happens, because you’ll wake up your entire neighborhood.

Nickelodeon / Via gurl.com

5. You should be drinking beer like the rest of the world, but instead you watch every game drinking coffee.

6. (Because this is what happened after the one game during which you were brave enough to get drunk.)

7. While the excitement of the games makes it easy to stay awake, waking up the next day is 100% torture.

8. And it’s impossible to be good at work/school when you’re only getting 3 hours of sleep.

NBC / Via dailyedge.ie

9. Your new dark circles make you look like shit, all day everyday, and people keep asking if you’re tired. NO SHIT.

10. Your parents are constantly on your case to sleep more.

CBS / Via perezhilton.com

11. And – unless you’re one of the lucky few with a significant other who’s also into football – you’re probably verging on single.

12. You’re forgoing all your friends’ nights out because you have a date with your TV and couch.

13. You’re thoroughly entertained while the games are on, but spend the rest of your life chanting “it’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it” to stay awake.

14. Once in a while, when you try to talk to someone about the World Cup, they say: “That’s next year, no?”

15. The fact that, despite your undying dedication to the sport, you aren’t even cheering on your own country.

God appeared before a football fan and asked him "What do you want". He said "Want to see India playing WC before I die". He became immortal

— Ashok (@nationalizer)

16. If all of that isn’t torturous enough, you have to deal with these goofs night after night:

Sony 6

17. Their nonsense haunts your every waking moment.

18. All in all it’s both the best and worst month of the year. And it’s only just begun.

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