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This Video Captures The Drastic Emotional Effects That Street Harassment Can Have On Women

Even without any physical contact, staring, cat-calling, and street sexual harassment can be extraordinarily violent acts.

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Mumbai-based filmmaker Srivinay Salian teamed up with JoinFilms to make "Stripped," a short film that explores the effect that silent street harassment has on women.

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Salian made this video on a low budget and with help from friends, he told BuzzFeed India in an email, "as a public awareness endeavor" intended to highlight what is a daily struggle for millions of women.

Despite it not being a physically violent act, we are shown how ogling can, nonetheless, be extremely difficult to withstand.

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In a nation where sexual violence against women is all too common, being targeted by men even via stares and catcalls can be petrifying – it violates personal space, makes public conduct feel unsafe, and carries the threat of further violence.

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