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    This Video Captures The Drastic Emotional Effects That Street Harassment Can Have On Women

    Even without any physical contact, staring, cat-calling, and street sexual harassment can be extraordinarily violent acts.

    Mumbai-based filmmaker Srivinay Salian teamed up with JoinFilms to make "Stripped," a short film that explores the effect that silent street harassment has on women.

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    Salian made this video on a low budget and with help from friends, he told BuzzFeed India in an email, "as a public awareness endeavor" intended to highlight what is a daily struggle for millions of women.

    The film shows how a mundane task – commuting to and from work – can be emotionally exhausting because of constant ogling.

    JoinFilms / Via

    As the protagonist silently makes her way from home to an office and back, we are shown that some men stare openly at her every step of the way.

    JoinFilms / Via

    Despite it not being a physically violent act, we are shown how ogling can, nonetheless, be extremely difficult to withstand.

    JoinFilms / Via

    In a nation where sexual violence against women is all too common, being targeted by men even via stares and catcalls can be petrifying – it violates personal space, makes public conduct feel unsafe, and carries the threat of further violence.

    To show how cumulatively toxic staring can be, the woman withstands one tear in her clothes for every instance of ogling...

    JoinFilms / Via

    And, by the end of the day, she feels like she's been stripped.

    JoinFilms / Via

    #ProTip: Sure, everybody stares a little, but if you're doing it in a way that could make your subject feel uncomfortable, threatened, or violated – stop.

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