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27 Signs You've Found The Perfect Roommate

Home is wherever I'm with you + wine + Netflix + no pants on.

1. You feel absolutely no pressure to be fully clothed and presentable. Ever.

2. And you never feel any FOMO for choosing a night in over a night out.

3. You often find yourselves up unreasonably late for no reason, because you were having too much fun to go to sleep.

4. But waking up is still easy because you wake up to party time, part two.

5. No matter how teeny-tiny or run-down your apartment is, you don't mind, because you suffer together.

6. When your roomie goes out of town, you enjoy the freedom for five seconds...

And then you miss them irrationally.

7. Even the most boring chores are doable if done with the right person.

8. And cooking together is always an adventure.

9. You're totally comfortable yelling at each other when one of you drops the ball on housework.

10. Which means there's no need for any passive-aggressive roommate BS.

11. You motivate each other to reach your goals and stick to your resolutions.

12. You are mostly welcome to each other's wardrobes, which means twice the options every day.

13. And when you do try out wacky outfits, you have someone around whose feedback you can trust.

14. Which goes doubly for when you're making major life decisions.

15. You're always super-duper safe because there's someone checking up on you when you're out late.

16. And if you ever get home in a less-than-perfect state, there's someone happy to take care of you.

17. All you need to feel like you're in heaven is a cheesy movie and some takeout.

18. You can ask each other your dumbest questions without fear of judgment.

19. And you can share your non-politically correct, inappropriate thoughts and still be 100% accepted.

20. You find special joy in sharing the most intimate details of your life.

21. You never ever get sick of analyzing text messages/FB updates/Instagram captions together, to unearth their hidden meaning.

22. You value each other's decor choices, so your living room is a hilarious mix-and-match.

23. They know how to make themselves scarce when necessary, no questions asked.

24. Crying = totally permissible.

25. Not only do you allow each other to watch deplorable do it together.

26. Their friends become your friends, so you have twice the friends.

27. And, the No. 1 sign that you have the perfect roommate is: You're always thrilled to go home.

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