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27 Signs You're In Love With The Beach

Buoy, the ocean shore is a beautiful sight to sea.

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1. The only kind of vacations you're interested in are beach vacations.


2. Perk: You end up saving money because you don't need to spend money on fancy tourist things to have fun.

These sights ^ makes you happier than all the sightseeing in the world ever could.

3. You don't remember what your body looks like without tan lines on it.

4. On the contrary, you feel weird and uncomfortable when it's been a while and you start to pale.

5. Your wardrobe consists almost entirely of tank tops and cutoffs.

6. And you're a shopaholic when it comes to bathing suits, flip-flops, and sunglasses.

7. Your Instagram profile looks like this:

Bonus: All your friends in colder places bitching at you for giving them FOMO.

8. Your personal hell would be living in a landlocked city, so you've made major life decisions based on needing to be by a coast.

9. You have a collection of shells somewhere in your house.

10. And sometimes you hold a conch shell over your ear, just to hear the sound of the ocean.

^ The face of someone truly at peace.

^ The face of someone truly at peace.

11. You've gotten all sorts of weird injuries from the ocean's hidden dangers.

BBC One / Via

Inner monologue: Sand, sand, sand, ROCK AHHHHHGGHHH GAH, sand, sand, sand.

12. Your favorite drinks are the kind with little umbrellas or flowers in them.

13. This is how your feet look. Always.

14. You've had sand lodged in every bodily crevice possible. Every single one. Yup.

15. And you routinely find sand in your clothes and shoes... Even when you haven't been to the beach in months.

16. After a lot of mortifying trial and error, you're finally an expert at applying sunscreen.

17. At some point, you have seriously considered replacing your bed with a hammock.

18. Your hair looks best when it's caked in salt water and dried in a sea breeze.

(Unless you have frizzy hair, in which case, sorry.)

19. Your special skills include jumping waves, surfing, and changing under a towel.

20. Winter* makes you want to hibernate.

Universal Pictures / Via

*Any temperature lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

21. You're profoundly uncomfortable in pants but you're completely un-self-conscious in a bathing suit.

A24 / Via

22. Your favorite sound is waves rolling in.

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23. And your favorite smell is the sea.

^ Here are two girls smelling the sea.

24. Your bucket list is just a collection of all the incredible beaches you want to visit in your life.

25. If you've been snorkeling or scuba diving, it probably changed your perspective on the whole world.

Disney / Via

"Darling it's better down where it's wetter."

26. The best sleep of your life is on the sand, under the stars, with the waves for a lullaby.

27. And the feeling of your toes sinking into wet sand as a wave pulls away = home.

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