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26 Signs You Might Be Turning Into An Aunty Ji

More chai please.

1. You've considered wearing sneakers with a non-sneaker-friendly outfit because comfort comes first.

2. You've yelled at someone to eat more because you didn't think they had eaten enough.

3. You've said the phrase "Kids nowadays" out loud.

4. You've sent food back at a restaurant because it wasn't made exactly right.

5. You throw shade secretly and constantly.

6. But can be incredibly polite and well-behaved when you need to be.

7. You've said "I'm so fat" while simultaneously putting something deep fried in your mouth.

8. You have a signature dance move.

9. You've switched from English to Hindi/Urdu to gossip about someone without being understood.

10. Although, of course, on the outside you're all compliments and flattery.

11. Nothing is ever spicy enough for you.

12. You refer to everyone by bizarre nicknames that sound nothing like their real names.

13. You look better in a sari than literally any other outfit.

14. And you're all about arm candy.

15. You've met someone single and wondered to yourself why they aren't married yet.

16. You interrogate your roommates thoroughly before letting them leave home.

17. Your favorite pastime is gup shup with your girls.

18. You prefer drinking chai over any other earthly invented beverage.

19. Your idea of a wiiiild Friday night is to sit in your pajamas and eat aloo bhujia.

20. So your social life is scheduled around your TV show timings.

21. You have a special sense of humor.

22. And your fashion choices can be pretty unique, too.

23. All of which has naturally won you some true fans.

24. But, most importantly: You're your own biggest fan.

25. Because you're strong, you're independent, and the world wouldn't survive without you.

26. And because, let's be honest: aunty swag is the coolest swag.