27 Real Struggles That Only RAs Will Understand

*Hears duty phone ringing* *Cries*

1. When your friends make fun impromptu plans and you can’t go because you’re on duty.

2. When you’re about to fall asleep and the duty phone rings.

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3. The palpable awkwardness when someone knocks on your door at 3 a.m., wearing nothing but a towel, asking for a condom.

4. When your bulletin board is due in an hour and you haven’t started.

5. And the night before the semester starts, when you’re running around like a mad person, putting up door tags…

6. Knowing that some wasted sophomore is gonna rip them all down in two days anyway.

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7. Going on rounds and trying to figure out where the faint smell of weed is coming from.

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8. Having to explain to your residents why they can’t write racist jokes on one anothers’ doors.

9. And cringing when you hear your friends, family, professors, etc. talk using microaggressions that you know aren’t OK.

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10. When someone with bloodshot eyes, a towel by the door, and a bong in their hand tells you they haven’t been smoking.

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11. Trying to reason with your wasted residents, who really truly believe they need to pass out in the hallway.

12. The self-loathing that comes with policing other people for doing things that you definitely do yourself.

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13. And the tedious, mind-numbing paperwork that comes after.

14. Being on first-name basis with paramedics and Public Safety and reevaluating your whole life.

15. Being woken up in the middle of the night once every week because someone locked themselves out.

16. When you deal with a crazy incident and want to tell your friends the story but are sworn to secrecy.

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17. Fire alarms scare you for all the wrong reasons.

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You aren’t afraid of fire, you’re afraid of filing an incident report after.

18. You know that the only way to convince college students to interact is by promising them pizza.

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19. So you’re pretty used to planning elaborate events and then being alone at them.

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20. If more than five people do show up to a program you plan, you’re more confused than anything.

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21. It will always feel just slightly strange to run into residents at bars/parties.

22. You have to consciously remind yourself not to snap every time you hear something you agree with.

23. And to not use RA jargon when you’re around your non-RA friends.

24. Roommate conflicts aka teaching grown adults how to interact with other grown adults.

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25. Training. All of training. Everything. About. Training.

26. Serious, scary incidents that you didn’t think actually happened in real life.

27. And the fact that even when you’re done being an RA, its effects don’t ever leave you.

But luckily for you, those effects include a couple of good things. Like amicability…

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And lifelong friends…

And knowing you saved some lives…

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And, most importantly: free housing.

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