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Race And Gender Diversity On Television Vs. In The United States

According to primetime network TV, the combined number of robots and magical creatures in the United States = the combined number of Asian and Latino men.

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Alyssa Rosenberg of Think Progress divvied up the main characters of primetime scripted shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox by race and gender. Her count came with this disclaimer:

"Simply for the purposes of illustrating the depth of the disparity, I tried to give shows the benefit of the doubt in counting characters of color as main characters–these numbers are actually a little more generous than they might have been."

Then, the blog Alas! contrasted those numbers with the actual race and gender statistics for the United States population. Here are the results.


CBS / Via


NBC / Via

White men, non-Hispanic:

NBC / Via Getty Images

Black men:

ABC / Via

Asian or Latino men:

Via Theo Wargo / Getty Images

White women, non-Hispanic:

Via Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Black women:

Via Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Asian or Latina women:

Via Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Professional statistics:

NBC / Via
ABC / Via

And the most mind-boggling fact of all:

Here is a full side-by-side comparison, from Alas!

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