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26 Questions People From India Are Sick Of Answering

"So, do you speak Hindu?"

1. "What caste are you?"

2. "How come your English is so good?"

3. "So, do you speak Hindu?"

4. "Do people in India really sing and dance all the time like in Bollywood movies?"

5. "Will you get to ride an elephant at your wedding?"

6. "Cricket is just like...a lame version of baseball...right?"

7. "Will you pleeeease cook me Indian food?"

8. "Why would anyone get an arranged marriage?"

9. "Do you ever get sick of curry?"

10. "Can you teach me yoga?"

11. "Are you a dot Indian or a feather Indian?"

12. "Is Diwali your Christmas?"

13. "And what's that other holiday where you throw the colors? I love that one."

14. "How come India is in Asia but you aren't Asian?"

15. "Are you Arab?"

16. "I've heard it smells awful. Does it smell awful?"

17. "Everyone basically does tech support, yeah?"

18. "Do you only eat spicy food?"

19. "Are you ALL vegetarian?"

20. "But you actually do pray to cows, right?"

21. "Why do you need sooo many gods?"

22. "Hey, can you help me with this math?"

23. "Omg I love saris! Can you teach me how to tie a sari?"

24. "No offense, but like...what's the third world like?"

25. "Have you ever ridden on top of a train?"

26. "It's basically just like Slumdog Millionaire, right?"