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21 Pun Battles That Are Actually So Bad They're Good

Every PUNchline is a delightful PUNishment. *World collectively groans.*

1. This Middle East travel guide is awful, but Israeli funny too.

2. These congratulatory messages are HEALarious!

3. Warning: This heavy conversation between friends might get you down.

4. Cheesus! This sure is a long STRING of puns!

5. These kids must have a soft(ware) spot for puns because these puns are Bill GREATS!

6. This jokester is on fire!

7. These puns are so bad, they should come with a global warning.

8. Careful! If you read too many food puns, you might get FED up.

9. If you hear too many puns at once, they all start to seem like a blur.

10. What an inspiring parable.

11. I don't wanna Russia, but hurry up and read these country puns!

12. A good pun-off can give any relationship a lot of Mileyage!

13. Are these some of the best puns ever? You be the George of that!

14. Even if you don't think these puns are totally rad, you've got to admit that they're rad-ish!

15. This wave of puns shore is good!

16. There's nothing artificial about this intelligence!

17. This conversation is Siriusly riddikulus!

18. These puns only get better with time.

19. Geologeeez! These kids are pun-making rockstars!

20. Plant puns are such a TREEt! They'll leave you PINE-ing for more!

21. Punderful work, everyone.