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11 Problems Everyone Named Pooja Will Understand

You always have the shittiest nicknames.

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1. There were a billion other Poojas in your class, so all of you became numbered or lettered.


Pooja A? Pooja B? Pooja Z???

2. And if your teacher ever took attendance by just saying "Pooja," four people would chorus "Present!"

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3. You had the shittiest nicknames. (GEDDIT?)

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4. So you were really glad when being "the shit" became a good thing.

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5. You had to deal with a LOT of dumb praying and temple jokes.

"Hahahaha I have to do Pooja hahahaha geddit? DO POOJA? Hahahahaha."-.-

"Hahahaha I have to do Pooja hahahaha geddit? DO POOJA? Hahahahaha."


6. (And, over time, you've gotten good at comebacks.)


7. If there are multiple Poojas in your friend group (which is pretty likely), you became known by your last name.


8. You often get texts and calls meant for someone completely different...


9. And tagged in the wrong posts and wished on the wrong birthday.

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10. Oh and getting your real name for your email address or social media handle = impossible.

11. And if you spell it with a "u" instead of a double-o then U have double the problems.

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