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    Prime Minister Modi Wore A Suit With His Own Name Printed On It Thousands Of Times

    They look like stripes, but they're actually the words "Narendra Damodardas Modi" printed in tiny block letters, over and over AND OVER again. Sources confirm that the nation "literally can't even."

    Remember that time Barack Obama and Narendra Modi went for an adorable garden walk together and Modi was in a striped suit?

    SAUL LOEB / Getty Images

    (For those just tuning in, President Barack Obama is currently on a two-day visit to India, and has spent most of that time achieving adorable BFF-status with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The events described in this post all transpired on Jan. 25.)

    And then they had tea and gossiped about international affairs, and Modi was still in his regular, standard striped suit?

    AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

    And then they gave a joint briefing to the press and spoke eloquently about US-India relationships... And Modi still wore that boring old striped suit, nothing interesting to see here, move along.

    AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

    Per usual, they were disgustingly, nauseatingly, AMAZINGLY cute... And both were in absolutely normal clothing.

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    But wait...

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    Could it really be...

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    Holy shit.

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    Yup, it's true. Prime Minister Modi wasn't wearing just any ordinary striped suit. He was wearing a suit striped with HIS OWN NAME in tiny block letters THOUSANDS OF TIMES.

    Here it is again, with one complete "Narendra Damodardas Modi" circled in the last panel so you know what to look for.

    AFP / Getty Images PRAKASH SINGH

    Here's to a prime minister who will always have a 100% approval rating... At the very least, from himself.

    Getty Images / Rega Jha

    By the way, Modi ji isn't the first to do this — Hosni Mubarak wore a similar suit in 2011.

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