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    22 Places Yogendra Yadav Is Sleeping

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. After allegedly posed photos were released of Yogendra Yadav sleeping in police custody, Twitter responded the only way it knows how: MEMES.


    1. BJP leader Nitin Gadkari filed a defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal.

    2. Kejriwal refused to furnish bail, and was taken into judicial custody in Tihar jail.

    3. AAP supporters and leaders peacefully protested Kejriwal's arrest.

    4. AAP leader Yogendra Yadav, one of the protesters, was also taken into police custody.

    5. Photos were released of him sleeping on the floor in police custody.

    6. A lot of people think the photos were posed, in an attempt to get sympathy.

    So, Twitter did what Twitter does: led by The Unreal Times, Yogendra Yadav's fake nap became a hilarious meme.

    1. He slept peacefully in the face of mortality.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping just before Liu Kang and Jax are about to fight each other in Mortal Kombat...

    2. He slept amongst legends.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping during one of the most iconic moments in Heavy-weight Boxing history

    3. He slept soundly surrounded by majestic beasts.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping on a Killer Whale... (Idea: @ajayendar)

    4. Even when everyone around him ran for dear life, Yogendra slept.

    @TheUnRealTimes @ajayendar Yogendra Yadav sleeping during a bull run

    5. He slept in the arms of superstars.

    Okay, last one guys! Yogendra Yadav rescued by Ra.One after policemen crack down on protesters outside Tihar jail

    6. He slept bravely in the path of Malinga's wrathful bowling.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping at a good length as Malinga practices his yorkers... (via @ashwinskumar)

    7. He slept through riveting sports.

    Here is @AapYogendra sleeping during the football match. Guess where ? {Idea courtesy : @TheUnRealTimes }

    8. He slept in mid-air.

    LOL: Yogendra Yadav sleeping as The Ashutosh uses his superpowers to levitate him #ArvindJailed #IStandWithKejriwal

    9. He slept in Modi's path to parliament, being paid respects.

    Indian PM bowing to @AapYogendra 's sleeping skills. ROFL

    10. He slept in outer space.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping on the International Space Station (via @ajayendar) #ArvindJailed

    11. He became the first person in the world to take a Gangnam Style nap.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping while PSY performs his moves in Gangnam Style (via @ashwinskumar) #ArvindJailed #aaptards

    12. He slept on the door in Titanic. RIP Jack.

    Superb! ! LOL @ajayendar: Yogendra Yadav sleeping on the 'titanic door' causing Jack to freeze to death "

    13. He time-travelled to go sleep during India's World Cup win.

    Yogendra Yadav sleeping while Team India celebrated World Cup victory

    14. He slept right in front of Barack.

    "@csspk: @TheUnRealTimes Yogendra Yadav sleeping while Obama let's start trend #YogendraSleeping . "

    15. He even slept on reality television.

    "@KhajTak: Yogendra Yadav sleeping in Bigg Boss house. let's start trend #YogendraSleeping "

    16. He slept in India's great farms.

    Somewhere in Haryana.... #ArvindJailed

    17. He slept in the dangerous path of Shilpa Shetty's stilettos.

    #YogendraYadav at another location.. @TamUnRealTimes

    18. And Priyanka Vadra's gleeful stomp.

    19. He slept surrounded by his own decadence.

    You know why Yogendra Ji was sleeping??? *Sorry YoYa ji :) #ArvindJailed

    20. He slept to the great pride of his new Prime Minister.

    21. He slept on a tightrope. So serene.

    22. And, finally, the champion slept straddled by another champion.

    Sweet dreams, Yogendra.