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    We Finally Have Conclusive Evidence That Dogs Are Better Than Cats

    Specifically that cats are mean, conniving thieves, while dogs are blameless and loveable. Glad we can put this debate to rest, folks. H/t.

    Cats might seem small and harmless compared to their canine counterparts, but don't be fooled.

    Contrary to what Cartoon Network taught us, they are the real bullies of the animal kingdom.

    And their latest bullying tactic is crueler than ever.

    They're stealing dogs' beds!

    Thereby reducing large, vicious hounds to meek victims of theft!

    They're ganging up, and banishing every dog in the world to the bare floor.

    To the hell that is cold, unbedded wood!

    Or worse, to minuscule, inhospitable CAT beds!

    This dog is at least twenty times the size of this cat, but this cat is twenty times as mean.

    This dog knows that when you usurp someone's bed, you usurp their dignity.

    And this dog knows that home is where the heartless cat is!

    The feelingless felines sometimes add insult to injury by holding the dog's toys hostage.

    Or worse: their bones. WHAT IS A DOG WITHOUT HIS BONE?

    This stalwart and majestic beast has been reduced to using his own bed as a pillow.

    And this one as a footrest. The shame! The outrage!

    This regal, sturdy creature has resorted to being a carpet-dweller.

    And this impeccably groomed, golden mammal watches in shame as a mouser steals his throne.

    This might just be the most evolved form of cruelty any creature has inflicted on any other.

    Someone should really call PETA and report these cats for treating our animals unethically.

    This is a sight unjust enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes.

    Look how they use their paws to keep the upstanding canines away from their own turfs.

    Even when outnumbered, the evil cat can not be out-crueled!

    Dogs, majestic beings that are worshipped in some parts of the world, have been relegated to sitting in baskets.

    They are squeezing into teeny tiny cat beds, thinking wistfully of a bygone era when they were respected and feared.

    This dog, tired of being so shunned, is on a hunger strike to have his bed back. Look how his food lies untouched.

    At least we can finally stop wondering which of these species is more worthy of our love.

    Cats are tyrannical and selfish.

    They are egomaniacal, greedy kleptomaniacs who insist on taking more than they give.

    Although, let's be real, humans are pretty shitty too.