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    19 Pictures That Show What Modern India Is Like

    Namaste, 21st century.

    1. This priest playing Temple Run in an actual temple.

    2. This Groupon sale for onions.

    3. This connectivity issue.

    4. These phone-friendly saris.

    5. These rickshaws' entertainment systems.

    6. This hotel.

    7. This street vendor.

    8. This Breaking Bad rickshaw decor.

    9. This online clothes store.

    10. This beer-cooling system.

    11. This chaat seller.

    12. This Google result.

    13. This cell phone-savvy ascetic.

    14. This Reddit thread.

    15. These Buddhist monks doing some window shopping.

    16. This headline.

    "It was recorded on a mobile phone by her husband’s nephew, who had promised the singer that he would make the entire world see it."

    17. This classroom.

    18. These tech-obsessed Google India popular searches.

    19. And this T-shirt.