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    29 People Who Will Be Heartbroken And Emotionally Destroyed By The Departure Of Lili Salzberg

    Lili is leaving us for San Francisco. HAVE FUN WITHOUT US.

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    1. Erin Chack

    I love Lili because her hair is orangey like a carrot and carrots are good for me.

    2. Mackenzie Kruvant

    I could write paragraphs about how I feel about Lili but I will save that for a private forum. I will just say that there are few people in the world that are as smart, sharp, sweet and bad ass as Lili Salzberg. I don't know anyone more deserving of the success she's had and will have. My life has become considerably better since she became my friend and I'm lucky to have her even if it will be over FaceTime and Gchat. See you in San Francisco! <3

    3. Heben Nigatu

    Lili Salzberg is the epitome of ***Flawless. When I grow up, I hope to have an ounce of her poise, kindness and brilliance. Honestly, I'm just waiting for her to publish her book so I can take notes.

    4. Alex Naidus

    Lili is uniquely and superhumanly focused and professional amongst a sea of silliness while still being a perfectly fun and positive force in everyone's life she touches. It's truly impressive and inspiring and it's gonna leave us all grasping for someone to be a new Lili around these parts and it will never, ever happen.

    5. Lauren Yapalater

    A Haiku for Lili

    We met and we sat
    Next to each other for weeks
    You moved, I was sad

    BUT FOR REAL. I WAS SAD WHEN YOU MOVED SEATS THE FIRST TIME and now you are MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. I'm so happy we met and became friends and that I got to experience your Tribeca mansion, Duchess Olive and bond over singledom woes. I am happy I'll have a friend I can visit in San Fran, I guess that eases the pain. This is goodnight, not goodbye, Lilian.

    6. Julia Pugachevsky

    1. She wears the BEST outfits ever.

    2. We always talked about how abysmal the dating world is and I'll miss that :_(

    3. She's also one of the sharpest people I've ever met. She always knows what's up and where and when everything is when the rest of us are like "uhhhhhhhhh".

    There are so many more things but I am too drunk and full of sad emotions. :(

    7. Ashley Perez

    Even after I moved to LA, Lili refused to let me fall behind on any hot office goss.

    She also managed to become an even closer friend from 3,000 miles away.

    She may look put together on the outside when she comes in wearing a dress, but in her natural habitat she wears boxers and TSHIRTS like the rest of us.

    She keeps Matt Bellassai alive, a thankless job.

    No one is better at wrangling everyone together than Lili, we will all now just become a herd of spaced-out cats wandering around BuzzFeed.

    Miss you, riri.

    8. Cates Holderness

    I'll miss the fact that Lili put up with all the insane things I said and did throughout the day. She never judged me (well, she never reported me to HR) when she caught me with animal penises, dragons fucking cars, dudes fucking hot pockets, etc on my screen. Lili is like the best thing to ever happen to Community as well, so on a professional level I'm gonna miss the fuck out of how well she dealt with our wonderfully insane users and I'm going to miss having piles of empty tea bottles sitting beside my desk.

    9. Ben Smith

    Lili has been the best kind of BuzzFeeder — she's obsessed with her work and she has the biggest heart. And she has the internal strength required to withhold Cat Power from some of the most powerful men in the world.

    10. Sarah Karlan

    A lot of people are going to comment on Lili's fashion sense, but I really can't express how homely she makes me feel on a daily basis. Thank you Lili, for making me feel like a peasant in your gorgeous presence. Really though, you are one of the sweetest and most lovely kidz-bop models I've ever met.

    11. Jen Lewis

    I love Lili because Ray tweeted this before I worked at BuzzFeed and Lili was the only person to follow me. She knows my lunch orders by heart, she gives the best life advice, and she's one of the few people who can rally me to leave my apartment once I've already settled in for the night. Once, she let me use her deodorant. If that's not a true friend, I don't know what is.

    12. Krystie Yandoli

    Her strong opinions and important views on life.

    Her unapologetic feminist beliefs.

    Her willingness to go out on a limb for others that she believes in.

    I'm nearly positive one of the major reasons I'm even here at BuzzFeed is because of Lili. She thought I had potential as a community member and took the time to email with me and interact with me and vouch for me when I applied for the Fellowship program. She's been nothing but supportive of me and my work.

    I really wish I got to work with Lili longer because we have so much in common and she always makes me laugh and think really hard about important things, and BuzzFeed won't be the same without her.

    13. Keely Flaherty

    Lili always responded to all my annoying emails when I was a Community member, and she's the one and only reason I got into the Fellowship. Now she's destroying my life and leaving but I will love her still because love knows no distance (even though she's a ginger).

    14. Austin Hunt

    1. She's Spencer's boss.

    2. She gives Spencer a hard time.

    15. Tanya Chen

    Lili is 10000% real and unapologetic and truly good-in-the-heart.

    Also, as she was cleaning out her desk, she gave me Hello Kitty duck tape, 6 pieces of Godiva strawberry truffles, and a pack of blank note cards — things only Lili Salzberg would own. I will cherish these items forever.

    16. Justin Carissimo

    Lili's awesome because she lets me troll guys on her OkCupid account. Wish I got to work with her longer :(

    17. Rega Jha

    Lili is obviously stunning and perfect everyday. Even on days she claims to be feeling like shit, she is radiant and beautiful and generously lets us all bask in her glow. But more importantly, Lilz emanates a genuine, sincere, innocent kindness that puts everyone around her at ease. Despite how hard she works at Community (basically made it a thing), her greatest contribution to BuzzFeed and to all of our lives has been that kindness. Whether that means opening her own doors to give us all a place to hang out, planning fun things for us all to do together, or simply being the person who will ask if you're feeling ok when you're having an off day – Lilz is the reason we all get through the craziest of our lives unscathed. Salzberg, you're irreplaceable. Thank you for everything. Except for leaving. No thank you for that. I'm so jealous of your new coworkers because I know that, just like you've been for us, you're gonna be one of the best things that ever happens to them.

    18. Summer Anne Burton

    I will really miss Lili at the office for all kinds of professional and work related reasons, because she has been such a blessing for Community and impressed me so much with her ambition and superhuman competence, but MOSTLY I will miss having someone who gets as excitedly overwhelmed about cute internet cats, cute boys, and Mindy Kaling's love life as I do. I know Lili will have an amazing time in San Francisco but I am SECRETly holding out hope that someday in the future she will pull a Scott Lamb and come running back to our open arms.

    Lili is also the only person in this entire office who Mike has let hold Lil Bub, which says something incredibly profound about her virtues if you ask me.

    19. Arianna Rebolini

    Lili is so immediately warm and hilarious and thoughtful, and within fifteen minutes of our meeting she was in a bathroom stall helping me zip up a dress (her dress, which she was letting me borrow even though, as mentioned, we had literally just met). She made me feel right at home. I'll miss her dearly!

    20. Jack Shepherd

    I love Lili because she keeps diligently sending me stuff even though I have never once responded to any of her emails, which shows a perseverance and stubbornness that is going to take her all the way to the top. She is going to leave a big Lili-sized hole in our hearts when she leaves and I hope that she feels really, really, really bad about it when she's not busy kicking ass and having the time of her life with her hip new friends in sunny San Francisco.

    21. Raymond Sultan

    The best thing about having a job in a place like this is that each and every day, you get to see and say hi to and interact with really wonderful people. And from the moment she started at the 'Feed, Lili has been one of the single most wonderful people here: endlessly kind, funny as hell, completely silly and yet always professional. I love Lili to death, and I feel very lucky to have been able to spend time with her.

    When I was in grad school I used to have this list in my head of what I thought of as "future academic rock stars." And Lili has a very prominent place on my current short list of future rock stars in general. There is literally no doubt in my mind that she is going to be a Big Damn Deal, and that we are all going to be amazed that we used to work with her way back when. Basically, Lili is going to be a hero to lots of people one day. But she's already one of mine.

    22. Dan Oshinsky

    I am both incredibly upset that Lili is leaving us — we started on the very same day, and it seems impossible that there could be a BuzzFeed without her — and wildly excited for her to do amazing things in California.

    Mostly, I will miss having a co-worker who smiles as much as Lili, and I plan on watching the "What Are The Chances Of You Being You?" video probably twice a day for a few weeks until I get over Lili being gone.

    I also want to make a promise to start sending Lili DQ-in-Manhattan snaps if she continues to send me In-N-Out snaps.


    23. Spencer Althouse

    Thank you for giving me a job and befriending me at the Fashion party... and then regretting that you befriended me at the '90s party.

    Despite your firing me every day for the last eight months, I'm going to miss you (particularly because I no longer have a place to stay when the L train breaks down).

    You're the best.

    Also, you force me to go out on Friday nights instead of sitting at home and watching Netflix, and for that I will never forgive you.

    24. Kayla Yandoli

    What I'll miss most about Lili is her huge heart — she treats Community members as equals, and is so open to everyone's ideas. I know if it wasn't for Lili's help and insight, I wouldn't be where I am. She's the bee's knees. (DON'T LEAVE!)

    25. Joanna Borns

    Saying someone is "a joy to work with" is a dumb copout cliche and everyone who says it is lazy and probably lying EXCEPT for me now when I say that Lili was truly a joy to work with and just a generally wonderful human being. She was one of the very first people to make me feel welcome and included when I first started working at BuzzFeed. AND she let me pet her roommate's dog.

    26. Chelsea Marshall

    Lili is awesome for the following reasons:

    1. She unapologetically has tons of cute animals on her desk, framing her adorable face.

    2. We own one of the same dresses which makes me feel way cooler cause she dresses amazingly.


    4. I always think she's a fellow Californian because she's that cool and I get so confused when she reminds me that she's not.

    5. I guess she's now going to be living that reality in the most heartbreaking way possible.

    6. The only solace I have in the fact that she's leaving is that I know she will enjoy all the burritos and tacos San Fran has to offer FOR ALL OF US.

    7. JK come back now please.

    27. Arielle Calderon

    San Francisco is bullshit and everything is bullshit. OK, it's not. I'm just bitter and heartbroken because Lili is leaving me for brighter pastures. I have never met a person with such pristine internet stalking abilities and that's saying a lot coming from me. Lili is a beautiful person inside and out and I will miss her energetic spirit and juicy stories. She's been there for me through the good and bad and I couldn't be more grateful to call her my friend. I dedicate the song "For Good" to you, Lili. XO

    28. Andrew Gauthier

    Lili, I'm going to miss you so much! You have the best smile of anyone who's ever worked at BuzzFeed. Thanks for being such a wonderful person, and reconnecting me with my high school english teacher!!

    29. Matt Bellassai

    Mostly I love Lili because she paid me to sign a contract dictating that I express my love for her, both verbally and physically, at least twice daily, under penalty of law, and she's violently threatened me a number of times for failing to live up to my terms. If it wasn't for the contract, to be honest, I probably wouldn't even know who she was, and might even be better for it.

    But I GUESS, if you had to FORCE ME TO SAY IT, I also love Lili because she's nice and friendly and she always thinks of everyone else before herself (except when she wants McDonalds). Also, one time, she made me a very nice plastic cup with pictures of Beyoncé on it and it was one of the nicest things anyone's ever made me, which is COOL, I GUESS. Also, she would always go with me to things and now I guess I'll just have to wander aimlessly until some kind stranger offers me a mimosa or a waffle or something to help me forget the pain.

    I'll miss having Lili around to tell me secrets and to give me chocolate cake and to rub my feet after a long day at the office. I'll miss people thinking that we are secretly engaged, even though she doesn't have six-pack abs or a penis, which are necessary requirements in a Matt Bellassai courtship. I'll miss telling her that her life is thoroughly devoid of taste and culture because she can only name like three Beyoncé songs and has never once listened to "Let It Go." And mostly, I'll miss how much she inspired us to be more fun and outgoing and generally better at life.

    But I refuse to be sad, because I know Lili's obsessive personality will continue to plague our lives from across the country.



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