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    27 Overwhelming Feelings Every College Senior Has In The Spring

    *Puts on graduation goggles to hide tears.* #SeniorSpring

    1. Crippling anxiety about every single aspect of your future.

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    2. Unshakeable clarity that you are unfit for gainful employment of any fashion.

    3. Punctuated by brief moments of stupid and inexplicable optimism.

    4. Awe and admiration for every building on campus, even the ones you used to associate with torture.

    5. Resentfulness towards first-years for having three years left at your beloved alma mater.

    6. The desire and ability to routinely drink your own weight in alcohol.

    7. And a dependence on Advil/coffee to get through the subsequent hangovers.

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    8. An inexplicable urge to affectionately call your professors "mom" and "dad."

    9. The devastating revelation that you will never again be surrounded by so many attractive, young, single people all at once.

    10. A real need to dispense your sage wisdom and advice on all underclassmen.

    11. A nostalgic appreciation for the dining hall food that, just last year, you considered toxic.

    12. An incorrigible addiction to documenting every single moment of this semester.

    13. A genuine and concerning lack of interest in doing any schoolwork whatsoever.

    14. Disdain for any alarm clock (or human being) that tries to wake you up for your morning classes.

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    15. An urgency about participating in every campus tradition, no matter how loopy or inconvenient.

    16. An unprecedented amicability that has you making new friends left, right, and centre with people you didn't used to care about at all.

    17. And, on the flip-side, you no longer feel the need to impress people you've known since freshman year and hated the whole time.

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    18. A new and profound appreciation for "22" by Taylor Swift and "Closing Time" by Semisonic.

    19. School spirit so ferocious that you're sure nobody has ever loved anything more than you love your school.

    20. An urge to burst into tears every time you see your best friend's face.

    21. Ditto when you walk past your freshman dorm building.

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    22. Genuine fear that once you say goodbye to your college friends, you will be friendless forever.

    23. A serious loss in appetite because, on top of all of these emotions, your body can't handle food.

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    24. Random crushes on random people, and the inability to predict, understand, or mitigate them.

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    You have five months left to charm their pants off. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

    25. No need nor ability to fall asleep earlier than 4 a.m.

    26. Fully warranted pride at having made it this far.

    27. YOLO like you never have before. DGAF like you never will again.

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