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One Of America's Most Legendary Music Venues Is Back In Business

Forest Hills Stadium, a New York City landmark where the likes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles once performed, was silent for over a decade until Mumford & Sons performed there Wednesday night.

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That same year, Barbra Streisand performed here for $4.95 a ticket.

According to the New York Times, "Miss Streisand communicates. She communicates across yards and yards of beautifully manicured grass tennis courts and up through row on endless row of concrete seats. She communicates not just with her voice, which she projects with such power that it might reach the very last, topmost row on its own-- although she was aided by well-balanced amplification."

In 1978, when the stadium's capacity fell behind the demands of the U.S. Open, the championship moved away from Forest Hills and concerts became less frequent as well.

Letting the audience completely forget that they were standing on tennis courts.

They made some tennis puns and even attempted to play some tennis.

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